Facebook Freedom. 

by Jeremie Collins

I’m writing this on a Sunday afternoon from an undisclosed location. 

It has been 48 hours since I’ve broken the chains to my Facebook masters…aren’t I allowed to have some sort of superficial social media outlet to declare my small and inconsequential victory yet? It feels like I should have a 2nd Facebook account to keep folks informed how long I’ve bee Facebook free. 

No less then 50 times (or what is more likely a slight exaggeration) I’ve navigated to my phone to open the Facebook page. 

You see..as an iPhone user I could simply have the app on my phone but the tech nerd /slash minimalist in me and removed the app. 

Perhaps in hindsight this was truly the first move towards ridding myself of the plague. 

And now, Safari you are relegated to being just a browser to look up uninteresting facts or times for movies and food. 

Perhaps a more eloquent ending to this post is needed some emoji or declarative statement about the social restrictions we’ve faced by incorpating it into our every day lives but sadly..I need to go buy groceries at Sam’s Club 

Signing off for now,