I got hit by the struggle bus. 

by Jeremie Collins

So, currently I’m working 2 jobs to make ends meet. That is to say I have 2 large bills I want paid off before December and then I’d like to purchase a fat tire bicycle for the spring. 

On top of that..I’m chunky I want to lose weight. I don’t eat a lot and when I do it’s not always bad or even a lot. It’s just at irregular times. 

My current schedule is 

Sunday 5-10, Monday 8am-10pm, Tuesday 8am-10pm, Wednesday 8am – 10pm, Thursday 8am- 10pm Friday 8am till 4:30pm. 

65 hours a week basically.

I need to hit the gym for what I’ve figured in my head to be about an hour each day/night. 

Both jobs are mentally demanding and when I’m done I’m just so wiped I want to curl on the couch and watch a tv show or two and get some sleep. 

I don’t have time to meal prep, study for a computer certification, or even process normal things. 

Ugh, this adulting is nonsense.