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Month: February, 2017


Nothing new really.. Switched cell phone providers to US Cellular and managed to get an Iphone 7 plus. So far I’m loving this phone.

Also, Derby-wise expect to spend 500 bucks on this hobby to get started.

Skates – 140-200 bucks – entry level skates
Pads – 150 bucks for good quality pads (Don’t skimp, this is your body after all)
Insurance – WFTDA or MRDA insurance runs typically 75 bucks

Workwise, I’m going to be looking for another 2nd job. I love my primary job just need some extra cash.. so the adventure of 2 jobs will continue ugh.

And below is a new picture of my ugly mug 🙂




Derby for Big Dudes

Ok big’s the skinny.
I’m working on a economy package or a slightly better then economy package for Derby for Refereeing

  • Skates

Riedell R3 Derby Plus Skates – A bit pricey but they arent the entry level skate and are a bit more beefy. At a later time I can swap the wheels and bearings as needed

  • Pads
    Smith Scabs XXL and Atom Supreme Knee gaurds – If you have legs like I do which is to say 20-23″ in diameter.
    Smith Scabs XL Elbow Pads and Smith Scab large Wrist Gaurds – These are about the right sizes if you have big hands and meaty sized arms. 

Roller Derby

So, I joined Roller Derby..quit Job 2 and back down to my primary gig.

Skates at entry level are basically 140-200 bucks
Pads are another 100 bucks.

Also, I really want a Surly Wednesday Fatbike..only 1600 bucks.